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Organisation of the theorical-practical course

Methodology: active training, work in groups and sub-groups, simulations and role-plays, practical exercises, case analysis. On the website a password-protected area will be available for the participants’ exclusive use, containing additional information and supplementary training material/resources. Participants will also receive a manual on training contents and the practice of family mediation.
Trainers: training days will be conducted by trainers with proven practical experience in family mediation. A few lectures will be given by Prof. Fulvio Scaparro.
The programme includes sessions on developmental psychology and family law, as well as a discussion group with a Judge.
Certificates: attenders in the theoretical-practical training course will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance authorising them to start family mediation practice, with to-be-supervised cases. A Certificate of Competence to practise family mediation will be issued to those who have attended both the theoretical-practical course and the supervision/analysis of practice stage (A + B) and have completed a written assignment on the management of a family mediation case. Certificates will only be given if absences do not exceed 15% of the total number of course hours.
Credits: Credits have been solicited from the Lombardy Social Workers Register, the Milan Lawyers Register and the Lombardy Psychologists Register.
Place of trainig: the course will be held at Gea’s premises, viale Monte Santo 1/3, Milan.
Fee: the fee per participant for the Theoretical-Practical Training Course on Family Mediation is € 3,500.
This amount does not include the fee for supervision/analysis of practice, since this must be undergone after the theoretical-practical training, in a period which will vary depending on course participants.

The fee for supervision is € 700 (VAT-exempt), for those who have paid the annual membership fee.

Terms of payment

  • 5% on enrolment
  • 30% at the start of the course
  • 35% on the 10th day
  • 30% on the 20th day

Different terms can be arranged with participants.


Chiara Vendramini, President of GeA

Ilaria Viganò coordinator of GeA’s Training School

Prof. Fulvio Scaparro, psychotherapist, scientific advisor of GeA, former Professor

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