Passato un certo periodo di tempo, il figlio non può che allontanarsi dalla famiglia: gli è diventato impossibile farsi capire – perché lo si conosce troppo e perché non lo si riconosce più.– Christian Bobin

The Centre of family mediation

 At its Milan premises, GeA offers the following specific services to separating parents:

  • family mediation for separating couples, in order to improve communication and reach an agreement on all the issues surrounding the new family organization;
  • support to individual separating parents wishing to reflect on their role towards their children and the other parent;
  • groups for separated parents, aimed at individual parents who mean to exchange opinions and help with people going through their same experience.


At the Organization premises, a consultation desk is available for parents, about centres for family mediation with GeA-trained mediators and, more generally, about support services for families in difficulty.

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