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GeA’s activities


Training courses on family mediation

In 1989, the Organization created the 1st Italian school for Training in Family Mediation aimed at professionals who operate in private and public sectors. So far, over 50 training courses have been held and attended by lawyers and professionals working in psycho-social services.
In its 25-year activity, the Organization has trained hundreds of family mediators who have provided separating/divorcing parents with competent support and listening, whether in the context of their work for Family Services or in purpose-built structures.

Information/Awareness courses

Every year, several information/awareness courses are organised, aimed at professionals in different fields, who are interested in investigating conflict management, communication issues, and family dynamics.
GeA organises training programmes for educators and teachers (working in any kind of school) on the role of schools in dealing with parental separation.

 Continuing professional development / supervision

For practising mediators, the Organization provides sessions on specific themes of family mediation,  seminars on problem areas, occasions for opinion exchange and reflection on relevant methods and skills.
The Organization also organises sessions led by recognised and experienced mediators to supervise the activity of family mediators who are GeA members.


In 1987, for Comune di Milano (the Municipality of Milan), the Organization instituted the Centro Civico di Mediazione Familiare (Municipal Centre for Family Mediation), the first public service for family mediation in Italy. The service operates quite independently of the Organization.
Thanks to its 25-year experience, the Organization is often asked for advice on the provision of public and/or private family mediation services.


GeA’s members can benefit from free or reduced-cost learning and training events, a dedicated area on the Organization’s website (constantly updated with legal, psycho-social and family mediation material), free professional advice at the Organization’s    premises, opportunities to consult GeA’s archives for project development or promotional initiatives.


Upon several occasions, organization representatives have taken part in the work of Parliamentary commissions aimed at defining laws for the protection of children of separated parents.
Of great importance is the activity carried out with Judges and Lawyers, in order to create effective forms of cooperation between the various professionals involved in separations, respecting individual competence and independence.


In 1992, the Organization was the only Italian representative to contribute to the drafting of the “Charte européenne de la formation des médiateurs familiaux exerçant dans les situations de divorce et de séparation”, the first deontological code for family mediators in Europe.
Together with other bodies, in 1995 it founded S.I.Me.F., Società Italiana di Mediazione Familiare (Italian Society for Family Mediation) and in 1996 the European Forum for Training and Research in Family Mediation.


GeA devotes particular care to its website, which it considers one of its most important communication tools.
In this respect, the Organization undertakes to:
  • constantly update learning and training events and the members’ section as well as the area about family mediation training courses and seminar days
  • publish articles of interest
  • give information about members’ local initiatives
  • create links to interesting sites

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