Abbiamo due orecchie e una sola bocca proprio perché dobbiamo ascoltare di più e parlare di meno.– Zenone


GeA  – Genitori Ancora (Still Parents)

The name GeA Genitori Ancora (literally: Still Parents) is meant to emphasize that, even after separation or divorce, fathers and mothers do not and should not cease to be parents for their children.

GeA – a private non-profit organization for social development, was set up in 1987 to support  parents and children involved in separation/divorce and to introduce awareness, knowledge and practice of family mediation in Italy, as a valid tool for preventing child abuse due to high-conflict separations.


In 2011 GeA  was declared by Unicef Italia

a Pro-children organization

“for its 20+ years’ dedication to family mediation whenever separation and conflict occur;

for its contribution to protecting children and teenagers from family disputes, based on the principle that this is possible if fathers and mothers are helped to recover and make the most of their joint parental responsibility after separation;

for the leading position it exercises within the community in building a world where the rights of any and all children are fully ensured, thus embodying the values and mission of UNICEF in the highest sense”

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